commonwealth games launch

• Foxtel

• 2006 commonwealth games

• existing promotion not hitting the bullseye

• viewers have a highly conditional interest in this sporting event.
• needed to be on-air within three weeks.

these small moments

Management at Foxtel became nervous about the (perfectly acceptable) existing promotion of the upcoming 2006 Commonwealth Games.

The purpose of this spot was to show that viewers wouldn't just be watching athletes win or lose, they would be witnessing the course of real people's destinies changing before their eyes.

They say everybody's life comes down to a few key moments. The very best interpretation I could come up with of this (rather peripheral) sporting event was to demonstrate that concept.

production credits

concept & copy: Charley Holland
director, producer, editor: Dean Friske
co-producer: Darren Ralph
post production: Engine
voice: Sasha Horler