the whole curriculum vitae enchilada

I am a:
• writer • editor • designer • musician
• producer • administrator • project manager • people manager
• award winning creative director • public speaker • trainer

Creativity is often confused with flamboyance, attention getting, extravagance.

In fact, creativity is involved with problem solving. How creative something is depends on how effectively and elegantly a problem is solved.

The table fork is one of the most wildly outrageous creative designs in existence simply in terms of the sheer amount of problems it overcomes.

Creativity is a process. It's all about process.
Administration isn't the opposite of creativity, it's the foundation of it.

There's a myth that creative people are disorganised and flappy. The most creative people I know also happen to be the most organised. Whether consciously or otherwise, they just have a knack of freeing up the most amount of time possible to apply their creativity.

Every problem is an opportunity.

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skill set

problem solving

- a black belt idea generator
- deep emphasis on strategy, problem solving and effectiveness
- provider of big picture ideas and micro detail ideas
- specialist in defining problems; turning problems into opportunities
- seeker of simple solutions to solve multiple problems

• big ideas for campaigns, communications
• big ideas for administrative systems, product features
• a teacher of creative thinking around the world


- a professional copywriter
- specialist in natural, concise language
- creator of amazing keynote AV presentations
- a perpetual student of language and communications

• a writer of countless campaigns, reviews and editorials
• delivered seminars at conferences around the world up to 800 people.
• a teacher of communications architecture around the world


- an ordered, back-to-basics approach to management
- open door management policy
- individual goal setting and development
- a perpetual student of management craft

• hands on experience in managing teams, up to 20+ people
• broad experience with startups, with key roles launching about a dozen channels.
• a recognised leader in the television promotion and marketing industry


- a systems focussed approach
- applying creativity to solve procedural issues & streamline production process
- usage (& development) of software for project management, resource allocation
- applied cost analyses for resources, budgets and economic modelling


- a true content creator
- hands on, working knowledge and abilities in key production areas
- experienced director, producer, editor, designer
- designer of websites and experienced in creating and managing content

training & development

- an industry leader in training
- dozens trained in person, hundreds at workshops, thousands at conferences
- producer of online training videos and webinars


- creator and developer of leading entertainment product and service brands
- a teacher of branding around the world
- a real understanding of brands and how to develop them

• hosts a full day brand development seminar workshop
• creator/developer of showtime movie, showcase, and TV1 channel brands
• foxtel iQ (both campaigns and features/functions)


- a card-carrying Creative Director
- experience producing TV, radio, online, print, outdoor
- the right amount of attention to detail… married to big, effective ideas
- a designer of all kinds go things, not just graphics
- the taste to know what works, the experience to bring the best out of others

showcase channel identity
showtime channel identity

dramatic structure and storytelling

- 25+ years in the entertainment marketing industry
- studied in screenwriting and drama
- a teacher of dramatic structure to companies around the world
- a deep understanding of storytelling

• a teacher of dramatic structure around the world

project management

- 20+ years in spreadsheet and gantt chart wrangling

• TV channel startups include:
Arena, Red, TV-1, Showcase, Showtime Genre Movie Channels

• concept, management and rollout of projects include:
the playlist, the movie club, infomos, promo workshop, foxtel select.

• lead collaborator of projects include:
cloudstreet launch, comm games launch

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

key tools

Pages, Numbers (mac versions of Office), Word, Excel
xTeam project and resource management

video editing
Avid, Final Cut, Final Cut Pro X

graphic design
Photoshop, Motion


Freeway Pro

music & audio
Logic Pro X, Sound Studio

video and still photography
Sony A77

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

employment history

director – charley holland agency (2004-present)

I create, write and produce content for clients and agencies.

I have independently provided creative work for:
• Foxtel,
• Nine Network
• Young & Rubicam
• FremantleMedia
• Seven Network

With ongoing, long-term stints at Showtime & Foxtel as detailed below:

creative director, copywriter – showtime australia (2007-2012)

Responsible for a team of 12 creatives + 8 production staff and created and/or executive produced five separate entertainment programmes.

I helped launch the premium drama series channel Showcase, providing image spots, positioning, branding and design work.

I then worked to conceive, develop, pitch, present and finally launch the Showtime genre movie channels packages.

I was instrumental in conception and implementation of an entirely new, world-first promotions format known as the infomo.

I worked on the presentation, pitch and sale of Showtime to Foxtel; developing the initial concepts for their 2013 movie channel packages.

creative director, copywriter – foxtel Area 51 (2005-2007)

My creative agency had pitched work to Foxtel which was used to launch their PVR product, the Foxtel iQ. I also delivered work to Young & Rubicam on the Foxtel account, so I had developed a strong relationship with them.

I was given the opportunity to manage their in-house creative agency Area 51. It was an offer just too good to refuse. Through a turbulent and challenging period in the company's history I was able to implement the rapid-fire conception of dozens and dozens of high calibre communications to both viewers and corporate stakeholders.

director – promo workshop (2005-present)

I have provided seminars to ABC, Nickelodeon, the Seven Network; and was invited to speak at Promax conferences globally.

This quickly segued into requests to provide paid sessions to companies around the world. You can see a more detailed listing of that experience here.

creative director, director of production – showtime australia (1997-2004)

I managed a team of eight promo producers; and trained a dozen or so producers as they made their way through the ranks.

I was creator and copywriter of many Promax gold award-winning spots; at the same time developing the talents of the team and the brand attributes of the channel.

It was during this seven year stint that I honed and refined my TV training course and saw it grow into a spiral-bound book.

During this time I helped bring the Promax conference to Australia; appearing annually in it; and refining my skills as a public speaker.

head of promos – TV1 (1995-1997)

I managed a team of four promo producers; and was instrumental in developing the "television's greatest hits" positioning which was in place right through to 2012.

As a newly minted manager I realised I had to start helping people improve in their job. I also caught the business book bug; a mad passion which shows no sign of easing.

My communications training course was born here. It started with just four pieces of paper.

senior producer – xyz (1995)

It was a year of total, all-hands-on-deck madness; creating, naming, packaging, branding, launching the xyz channels on subscription TV.

I was employee #6 at the satellite license side of the new pay TV ventures with spacey names like Optus Vision, Galaxy and Austar. (Foxtel was still only a twinkle in Rupert Murdoch's eye.)

You would be buying office furniture one minute, then up a ladder replacing light bulbs the next. Later you'd be naming a channel; and designing a logo. After midnight you'd be trying to make sense of this new editing device called an Avid; before crashing on your own lounge that you brought into the office, just so you would have somewhere half comfortable to sleep.

It was a truly Dickensian best-of-times/worst-of-times experience that came bundled with low pay, no respect; and a massive burn-out factor.

producer – seven network (1994)

Freelanced launching the Andrew Denton show.

promo producer – nine network (1991-1993)

Paying my dues making promos for Kerry Packer.

promo producer – seven network (1989-1991)

I had left TV completely and was playing in a band.
Then, I was offered the opportunity to take up a traineeship in promo making.
I knew it was a great opportunity, so I took it.

film and videotape editor – seven network (1984-1987)

With my diploma of Audio Engineering in my hand I somehow ended up in the film department of Channel Seven. I moved to live-to-air telecine and then videotapes, and was trained in editing and vision switching on the side.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

it's all about process