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• speak to the enormous amount of great programming coming up.

• launches are obligatory and hyperbolic.
• due on-air yesterday.


Foxtel’s internal ad agency Area 51 was often assigned last minute work. It was Mid December 2006 when the request came through to do something about the 2007 launch.

There was absolutely no way we were going to get the many and varied channels on the Foxtel and Austar platforms to send us footage of their highlight shows in that short a time, not to mention cut something ‘big’ together. It was a real problem.

Michael Caine has a mantra that goes like this: Use The Difficulty.
“Say you’re doing a stage play, and you discover a chair is blocking your entry. If the play is a comedy, then you trip over the chair. If the play is a drama, you smash the chair to pieces.”

I call it a “one-eighty”.

So whatever the idea was, the decision was made not to use programme footage.

Thankfully the team at Area 51 recently held a brainstorming day and had identified as pretty cool the Daniel Chesterfield, Crap Magician spot that was doing the rounds on YouTube at the time. Watch it, and you can see the obvious inspiration for the final spot.

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production back story

The technology exists today to easily and cheaply create rough storyboard ideas.
I usually do this with pen, paper & stopwatch. But in this case, I needed to prove to myself that the idea would work before I pitched it to the client. I needed to see if we could fit enough show titles into the spot to be readable and impressive-looking. So I knocked this up:

With this kind of quick turnaround, it helps to have something like a moving storyboard to pitch to the client. The less imagination a client has to use the better. I felt that the first storyboard required too much of a leap of faith, so I added a few pictures to the mix.

The idea got the green light.
There was some hasty music rights wrangling.
And the rest, as they say...

production credits

concept and copywriting: Charley Holland
producer/editor: Darren Ralph