foxtel iQ

• young & rubicam

• Foxtel iQ product launch

• write a script that the client will approve

• must star Hugh Jackman.
• must use "Can Your TV Do That?" tagline.

ever notice?

Y&R were having a customer satisfaction problem with their client Foxtel. I was hired to write some scripts that Foxtel would actually like. Hugh Jackman was already signed up; so the brief was to use him to sell the new Foxtel iQ.

I had already conceived and pitched the "Can Your TV Do That?" tagline to Foxtel which they went ahead and used.

This series of three spots are simple applied product benefit demonstrations. My original concept was to have Hugh walk into "regular people's" living rooms; talk to camera about viewers' TV problems all with the "ever notice how" prefix.

Each spot then had a twist at the end which would play on some TV trope. For example: "Ever notice how TV hosts can walk into a stranger's living room and never be noticed?"

He'd then talk to the family directly; and wave his hands in front of their faces; but they go right on watching TV without noticing him.

Art Director Dean Mortensen replaced the family with multiple Hughs. Other than that, the scripts are pretty much exactly as they were written.

why should I care?

This print ad is simply a literal demonstration of the how the new time-shifted format of TV viewing (via the iQ) will change your life.
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production credits

concept & copy: Charley Holland
art director: Dean Mortensen
production: Y&R

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• Foxtel

• various Foxtel iQ feature launches

• create interest in the Foxtel iQ DVR.


I ended up as the creative director of Foxtel’s in-house creative agency Area 51 for the best part of two years.

It was Area 51's job to work on any creative communication that any department wanted produced. This was anything from corporate showreels to product & service launches by the Foxtel platform itself.

Foxtel did have external ad agencies working on projects; but Area 51 tended to pick up all the little stuff... and also the big stuff that happened to be last minute that would be too expensive and too slow if farmed out to an ad agency. (Therefore, we picked up a lot of big stuff.)

production credits

concept and copywriting: Charley Holland

footy can wait
iQ test

director/producer/editor: Darren Ralph

future boy
design and production: Octavio DeLellis, Monkeylab

Foxtel Help Channel (2005)

research & copywriting: Charley Holland
producers: Darren Ralph & Dean Friske