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Select was a studio-based, weekly wrap-up of Foxtel's programming highlights hosted by Karina Brown. The programme was neither cheap or fast to make; worse still, was heavily formatted and "selly"... making it highly unlikely that the audience would perceive it as useful and/or entertaining. I was asked to address that.

The first step was to make the show entertaining and informative in its own right. This meant taking the show out of the studio and on-location. The idea was to create 'magazine style' pieces of editorial content, that introduced the audience to the subject matter of each Foxtel programming highlight... the story behind the story.

Each spot ended with a specific call to action, but did so in a very relaxed manner.

The updated Select spots were supposed to make their way online, but because Content Marketing hadn't become a thing yet, nobody at the time seemed able to appreciate their value in that context.

These football/soccer based episodes revolved around the idea that young people would more likely be interested in watching football on the TV if they could actually master the basics for themselves.

These spots were also released at the time of the Foxtel iQ applied feature benefit launches and summer spots that promoted the "get out of the house and enjoy your life" motif which I had developed as part of a larger Foxtel brand push.

production credits

host: Karina Brown
producer/editor: Antony Yee