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Broadcasters and exhibitors are usually keen to educate the audience about the range of entertainment titles on offer at any given time. Perhaps they hope that people will infer the outlet is a "one-stop shop" with no need to bother with checking out the opposition's range of entertainment titles.

Clip based lineup promos (especially seasonal) are obligatory and dime-a-dozen, so audience interest is reasonable low. Add to that, the fact that commercial breaks between movies are extremely poorly rated, and you've got a double-barrelled problem on your hands.


• use alternative channels,
i.e: the far better viewed showtime website & social media.
• take the "inform and entertainment" route.

Viewers had to feel they could participate without having a whole bunch of hyped, corporate messaging in their face.

The "you know you're soaking in it" game idea meant that the reveal was not just knowing your movies; but also by default, knowing what movies were on Showtime over summer.


The spots were well-viewed by the existing showtime website audience;
and shared via facebook.

The spots won Gold for best multimedia marketing campaign at the International Promax conference in New York City... and subsequently were screened in the World Gold seminars at Promax conferences around the world for the next year.

production credits

concept and copy: Charley Holland
producer/editor: Rose Aldahn
associate producer: Brittany Stovin-Bradford
graphics: Richard Grant
voice over: Nick Bennett

director/producer: Craig Anderson/ Craig FX
actors: Loani Arman, Belinda King, Will Erimya

website: Lamrock