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• showcase and showtime

• showcase and showtime

• get the channel messages out through non-conventional means

• viewers are immune to hype

trojan horses

On-air promotion of television and movies can often be a blunt, hyperbolic enterprise. It seems that the industry really believes that if people aren't listening, then what's needed is to turn up the volume.

Just talking about a show can generate viewer interest in it... because when a person "leans forward" and decides to watch a show, the connection is actual. It's so simple really.

I created and executive produced two branded entertainment shows [The Playlist & The Movie Club] that both followed this very principle.

Many, if not most episodes were not even about Showtime or Showcase programming. The trick was to create an easy-going destination that was free from bias.

production credits

concept & executive producer: Charley Holland
playlist producer & host: Andrew Mercado

producer/editor/ directors:
Nicole Coventry, Tim Webster, Melissa Milowski, Brittany Stovin-Bradford.