Glengarry Glen Ross is a “post classic” American play turned into a movie. You might otherwise call it “Cremation of a Salesman”. As the closing credits roll on this film you really feel like you have just spent a night at the theatre.

There’s all kinds of heavyweight actors crammed in to this movie. Kevin Spacey, Ed Harris, Alan Arkin.
There’s Al Pacino in scenery-eating form; who even has one of the movie’s best lines.
But it is Jack Lemmon who really shows ’em how it’s all done.

In this catalyst opening scene, Alec Baldwin drops by for a single scene to somewhat forcefully up-the-stakes to the sales incentive scheme by adding a new third prize.

The Always Be Closing scene has become somewhat of a pop culture touchpoint. Alec Baldwin playfully referenced the “coffee is for closers” meme in the animated movie The Boss Baby.

Copywriters and producers don’t typically see themselves as salespeople, which is a shame really. This film probably won’t change their minds.┬áBut least this scene demonstrates the age-old structure behind any given persuasive communication. This actually is a gem of an insight into the structure of a sales pitch; be it on the shop floor; door-to-door; or even on television.

Baldwin’s character might be a schmuck, but he’d sure make a great copywriter!

Posted by Charley Holland

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