The Holiday is actually a sweet little romance movie. The story logic dictates that the Cameron Diaz character be a person of means; but for some reason the writers decided that Hollywood trailer producer would fit the bill. Talk about the dream factory!

Okay, for all I know there is an actual person who this character is based on; and if there is best of luck to them… but I have to admit, her character really got under my skin.

I don’t begrudge her mansion-sized adobe hacienda. I don’t begrudge her live-in editor and line producer who do all the actual work while she hangs about decking her soon-to-be ex boyfriend. Yes, that’s Kathryn Hahn and John Krasinski––no doubt appearing of the advice of their agents––wasting their respective talents.

What really sticks in my craw is the arbitrary and bullshitty tweaks that Diaz makes to the final cut of the (very hammy) trailer base:

“go back to the original edit at the end”;
“make the logo bigger”, and;
“change it to a happy red”.

I had to rewind and watch this scene several times. My forehead went happy red from slapping it. The problem is, there are people who will watch this movie and think to themselves: “that’s my kinda job!”

Or, maybe they will find themselves thrust into the position of being somebody’s client one day. Not knowing what a client should actually do, or how they should behave; it’s feasible the person might use this movie as some kind of client job description.

Then again, maybe Diaz’s character is a spot-on portrayal, delivering the kind of soul-withering “feedback” promo producers already get these days, and I just need to go and have a lie down.

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