about me

I have a technical/operational foundation which continues through to this day. Starting with audio engineering, then film grading and video editing; through to graphic design, website design; camera and lighting.

Phase two was the writing and creation side of the business. I embarked on a journey of self-education in communication crafts… another lifelong pursuit.

Next was the very start of pay TV. My career progressed to admin and management, where I was required to teach others. I discovered that the process of teaching was both enjoyable and a learning experience in itself.

Over the following years as a card-carrying Creative Director, I came to focus on the hidden-in-plain-sight structures that build great communication, stories, ideas and brands.

As both a do-er and a teacher, I have had the great privilege to share my seminars and workshops at conferences and companies all around the world.

Weaved throughout this career is the back and forth between consultancy and contracts through various channels, agencies and companies.

The promo producer training course hosted here is coming up to its 10th birthday; and because things have moved so far in the last decade, the course is getting a little long in the tooth. In any case, it was 100% A-to-Z produced by me, representing almost all the skills I’ve learned along the way.