Hello! I am a copywriter/creative/communicator with 30+ years background in the television industry. The slow learner that I am, I embarked on a journey of self-education in communication crafts. My career in television developed to such a stage where I was required to teach others, and I discovered that the process of teaching was both enjoyable and a learning experience in itself.

Over the following years, I have come to focus on the hidden-in-plain-sight structures that build great communication, stories, ideas and brands.

As both a do-er and a teacher, I have had the great privilege to share my seminars and workshops at conferences and companies all around the world.

I am currently amalgamating the training materials from the (now defunct) promoworkshop.com website to here; as “promos” as a job description is rapidly losing the hold on relevance that it once had… as tenuous at best as that hold ever was.

Staying relevant as a teacher requires going back to the coal face every now and then; and that’s where I find myself.

Thankfully, to paraphrase the intent of a very old song; whilst time appears to move ever faster, and change faster still, the fundamentals still apply.