How to make TV promos and movie trailers

So, you'd like to make a living creating TV promos and movie trailers? Maybe TV advertising is your thing? Step this way...

/ March 24, 2018

Branding. Why you’ve (probably) got it all wrong.

The once hottest term in marketing and advertising is now the most misused. Those who should know better just don't seem to know what branding is. Are you one of them?

/ December 23, 2017
people waiting to be interviewed

How to be interviewed

Six tips to improve your interview performance.

/ December 19, 2017
picture of 31 metronomes clicking in unison


Discover the copying you do without even giving it a second thought; and why it sucks.

/ December 9, 2017
progression of copied light bulb pictures

The trouble with creativity

There's a difference between what your client thinks creativity is, and what creativity really is. Hint: it's not about copying.

/ December 2, 2017
Picture of a TV promo producer editing on an Avid Media Composer.

the TV promo production process

Process is far more important than you might realise. It turns out the most creative people just happen to be the most organised.

/ November 25, 2017

what is a TV promo? a reintroduction

Thinking about a job as a TV Promo Producer? Are you sure? Take it from the very top with promo veteran Charley Holland to discover exactly what it's all about.

/ November 19, 2017
picture of an old-fashioned department store

Promos are dead. Long live promos.

In the panic to stay relevant against digital distribution of entertainment, TV channels are slowly nudging their best defence into irrelevance.

/ November 19, 2017
Title card for the Have Fun training video for TV Promo Producers

How to be a Creative in television

So, you're a Creative, and you want to work in television. Got 5 minutes?

/ November 12, 2017

Mastering the voiceover session

A bad read can turn the best copywriting into a flaming pile of crap. But it doesn't have to be that way.

/ October 29, 2017
picture on an old fashioned typewriter

How to layout a promo script

Learn the time-saving, respect-generating secrets to putting words on paper that need to be read by someone else.

/ October 29, 2017
Picture of David Strathairn as Edward R. Murrow in Good Night, and Good Luck.

Good Night And Good Luck: the Wires and Lights scene

David Strathairn delivers an eerily good rendition of Edward R. Murrow's irony-laden 1958 speech to the Radio and Television News Directors Association.

/ September 29, 2017