You could also read the classic book; but having said that, the movie is not without its charms. Either way, Catch-22 is still one of the best piss-takes of organisational behaviour there is.

Yes it’s the American Army in World War II… but even today you can pick-up virtually all the characters, plonk them down on any modern corporation, and still be smacked in the face by the analogy.

From the efficiently ineffective Milo, right through to Major Major’s vanishing manager routine. And of course, the paradox of Catch-22 itself; as alive and well today as it was over 50 years ago.

We’ve all had a boss like that, right?

At a place I used to work, it went like this:
• why did that promo go to air last night?
• it had to go to air last night because the show was on this morning.
• all promos must be approved by me before they go to air.
• you weren’t here.

next day…
• why didn’t that promo go to air last night?
• because you said promos couldn’t go to air without your approval first.
• why didn’t you get me to approve it?
• you weren’t here.

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